Senin, 02 April 2012

Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus

buy cellular, buy gadget, buy phones on amazon, accessories phones, buy tablet pc, tablet amazon, shopping online, shopping phones on amazon. Samsung I9250 Galaxy Nexus, new release product from samsung with android operating system. You need this smartphone to buy? I'm too. So buy this samsung smartphone, the best android phone.
  1. Incredibly sexy: thin but not too thin, slightly contoured, more rigid than other Samsung Android devices thanks to the internal metal frame
  2. Large, bright, detailed screen.
  3. You get the very latest version of Android
  4. If you get the unlocked GSM version, it works on any GSM network in the world with up to 21mbps HSPA+ speeds.
  5. Everything in the OS works great: Wifi hotspot, bluetooth tethering, bluetooth HID (I tried Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad), battery and bandwidth monitoring, music controls on earphones, built-in equalizer, HDMI out over MHL.
  6. Thanks to having a single worldwide GSM model, there are plenty of compatible accessories available already
  7. Touch sensitivity on the screen is great.
  8. Battery life seems pretty good for an Android device.
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